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What's a knitter look like?

We've spent years collecting knitting images, from postcards, photos, and brochures. Some we own and others we've found on the web (eBay is a good source). They're great to use for making your own T-shirts or calendars or just sharing on Ravelry or Instagram.

We've already posted about 100, which you can take a look at here (add link). But we have more still to add.

The sizes vary a lot so if you are going to make your own T-shirt or calendar, be sure the image is large enough to work. We've marked the larger ones to make it easier.

Almost all of the images are out of copyright, although you don't need to worry about using them unless you want to create a commercial product. Most of the images are from Europe, where anything before 1965 or so is out of copyright, as opposed to the U.S., where the cutoff is 1923.

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