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Sale Yarn

We're on Etsy!

Free patterns

Yarns on Sale
Pure Cotton
7 colors

Normally $6.50
Now $3.95

Normally $7.95
Now $4.95
40% OFF Hana Silk!

Noro Hana Silk
Normally $24.95
Now $14.95
11 great basic colors

Buy our fabulous reversible cowls and luxurious scarves on Etsy. Click here for more photos and to make purchases.

image: vintageknitting patterns Vintage sweaters, scarves and hats, over 60 in all. And they are all free.

image: felt knitted bag
Check out these portable projects...

image: glass knitting needles
They're back! And with piggies!
Check our new glass knitting needles.

image: silk ribbons for knitting
Hanah Silk Rippins: Add flair to any project!

image: vintaeg buttons
We have thousands of vintage buttons. Click to see a sampling of what's in our store.

image: knitting-themed T-shirt
Make a knitting T-shirt
We have 11 large images that you can print and iron on your favorite cotton tee.
Our Favorite Patterns
image: knitting pattern magazine
Books from Debbie Bliss, Lousia Harding, Sublime

A quick, fun project
image: knitted necklace
These knit necklaces are a simple project that can be funky or elegant. Four different styles.

Baby blanket
image: knitted baby blanket
A timeless design.
Buy the kit or just the pattern.
image: knitting illustrations
The best collection of vintage knitting images on the Web, great for cards, mugs, or special gifts.
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